April’s ‘That Feeling’ Glows With Self-Assurance | News

April's 'That Feeling' Glows With Self-Assurance | News

April has shared her new single ‘That Feeling’.

The Irish pop wonder seems to evolve with each passing single, growing into an artist ready to seize her ambitions.

Snapped up by Atlantic Records, her major label home provide a solid base for April to develop her dreams.

New single ‘That Feeling’ is a startling alt-pop return, a buzzing slice of self-assurance that revels in singular purpose.

“‘That Feeling’ is about being independent,” she comments. “A lot of my coming songs are roughly based around this feeling – it wasn’t on purpose, but I suppose it was how I was feeling.”

Continuing, April says the single “was written post-relationship, about when after a long time of relying on somebody for happiness and reassurance in yourself, you find a new confidence in yourself. It’s about when you realise that you can feel those things on your own – through different experiences, like moving away, meeting new people, going to new places etc.”

“It’s a very special song to me and I remember making it and feeling a weight lift off my shoulders, like I’d found a new sound and could have fun with it.”

Out now, ‘That Feeling’ affords April space to grow, and explore her innermost emotions – tune in now.

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