Bret McKenzie Shares New Single ‘Dave’s Place’ | News

Bret McKenzie Shares New Single 'Dave's Place' | News

Bret McKenzie has shared his new single ‘Dave’s Place’.

The New Zealand artist has crafted a new album, one shorn of his usual comedic traits.

Out on August 26th, the self-explanatory ‘Songs Without Jokes’ allows Bret the space to try something a little more heart-on-sleeve.

New track ‘Dave’s Place’ surges into Springsteen territory, with a Heartland Rock feeling to its wide-open vistas.

The piano driven rocker also has a touch of Elton John to it, while the glowing production moves from rollocking drums to gospel-tinged backing vocals.

Bret explains…

“Like most of my songs I wrote this one night at home in Wellington while strumming away on my guitar. I then worked with producer Mickey Petralia in L.A. to develop the initial idea. What started off as a three-chord country song, came out the other side an eighties Blade Runner, Dire Straits-esque jam.”

“The song is called ‘Dave’s Place’ after the late Dave Bianco. Dave was an amazing audio engineer I worked with on various occasions in L.A., but he sadly passed away not long before I started making this record. Dave had a studio in the North Hollywood he referred to as ‘Dave’s place’. After he passed I finally worked there and this is the track that came out of that session. I sometimes think Dave is watching over this one.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Rebecca McMillan

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