Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Announces New Album ‘Let’s Turn It Into Sound’ | News

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Announces New Album 'Let's Turn It Into Sound' | News

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith will release new album ‘Let’s Turn It Into Sound’ on August 26th.

The ever-productive electronic musician never ceases to amaze, most recently releasing a joint album with Emilie Mosseri.

Her new album finds Kaitlyn returning to her solo mission, a project self-consciously presented as a “puzzle”.

“The album is a puzzle,” she comments. “[It] is a symbol of receiving a compound of a ton of feelings from going out into a situation, and the song titles are instructions to breaking apart the feelings and understanding them.”

New track ‘Is It Me Or Is It You?’ is out now, calming yet probing electronics with a video shot by director Sean Hellfritsch.

For the shoot, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith wore a motion capture suit recording her movements in real-time.

“It gave me an opportunity to further embody the vocal entity I created for this album,” she says. “This song is about breaking free from others’ perceptions of you and playing with the line between what is yours and what is being projected onto you. Sometimes we project pain onto others & vice/versa – I wanted to play with that in the lyrics and keep in theme with playing with sound/phonetics.”

Director Sean Hellfritsch adds: “My favourite thing about the project has been seeing Kaitlyn express herself through movement and dance – it’s a big part of her essence that I’ve known for a long time, and I’m happy that others will get to know it too.”

Tune in now.

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