Oscar Browne Shares Debut Single ‘Never Quite Right’ | News

Oscar Browne Shares Debut Single 'Never Quite Right' | News

Multi-instrumentalist Oscar Browne has dropped his debut solo single – and it’s an ethereal delight. ‘Never Quite Right’ is a creeping soundtrack of introspection, haunting and hopeful in equal measures.

Browne’s calming-yet-quirky soundscaping keeps you on your toes; the track defies your expectations, shifting and twisting in a way that mirrors the unpredictability of life. Different textures are anxiously woven together, and the result is remarkably poignant – it ambitiously reflects those things that never turn out how you would have planned. Browne’s vocals are also gorgeous and vulnerable, light and hypnotic.

After working with Mellah, Wunderhorse, Dead Pretties and Broadside Hacks, ‘Never Quite Right’ is about creating music on your own, exploring the constant struggle to capture the sound you’re looking for.

Speaking on the track, Browne says: “It’s about that feeling of trying to reach for something and it never working out quite as you envisioned it to, not feeling fulfilled by something you expected to find fulfilment in, a feeling only accentuated by the world coming to a halt.”

The music video also adds to the track’s anxious, conflicted energy; shot and edited by Howard Holloway, the staccato, glitchy nature of the video is the perfect companion to the light yet longing sound.

Tune in now.

Words: Emily Swingle
Photo Credit: Rory Barnes

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