TSHA Launches Debut Album ‘Capricorn Sun’ | News

TSHA Launches Debut Album 'Capricorn Sun' | News

TSHA has laid out plans for her debut album ‘Capricorn Sun’.

Undoubtedly one of the most sought-after club voices in the country, TSHA has two excellent EPs under her belt, alongside her first Essential Mix and an acclaimed Fabric Presents compilation.

Debut album ‘Capricorn Sun’ is out on October 7th, with the title referencing her star sign.

“I like to identify with some of the positive characteristics of a Capricorn: the hardiness and the work ethic… but also the sensitivity,” she explains. “Naming the album ‘Capricorn Sun’ was a good way of saying ‘this is me’”.

New single ‘Giving Up’ is a superb return, dipping into euphoric house while also offering subtle use of warming low-end frequencies.

Built for outdoor use, the vocal from Mafro pulls TSHA into another space entirely – in a note, she reveals that the song was written during a time of personal strain in her relationship.

As she puts it: “I feel like that track is a manifestation of our frustrations at the time…”

Tune in now.

1. Galdem (Intro)
2. The Light
3. OnlyL (feat. NIMMO)
4. Water (feat. Oumou Sangaré)
5. Dancing In The Shadows (feat. Clementine Douglas)
6. Giving Up (feat. Mafro)
7. Anxious Mind (feat. Clementine Douglas)
8. Time
9. Power
10. Running
11. Sister
12. Nala (Outro)

Photo Credit: Nicole Ngai

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